I slapped this together pretty quickly, so bear with me.

I am not a healthy person. I have not so much as jogged a slow 10 yards since about May back when I still had to participate for P.E. My only exercise is sex and I’m starting to feel insecure about my body in certain positions. I eat junk food breakfast lunch and dinner. Actually, I don’t even eat breakfast. I eat at irregular hours and it’s always unhealthy junk. I cannot remember the last time aside from Christmas and Thanksgiving that I had a home cooked meal. It may have been early October. I eat lots of fast food and drink at least a full 2 liter per day. My skin feels tight, I’m easily winded, and I’m breaking out a lot more than before.

  • this
  • is
  • not
  • healthy
  • for
  • me

I am not saying anything about people who normally do this, I am merely saying I want to change. So I’m going to. I know people constantly say “I’m gonna work out for new years i’m gonna lose weight ahhh” but that’s not what i wanna do. I don’t wanna lose any weight, I weight about 110-115 right now I think? And that’s excellent. Perfect for me, because I’m really little and a little undermuscled. I’m going to try and gain a bit of muscle and lose my stomach bulge while keeping my hips and glorious ass. I’m on the fence about my thighs I don’t really know.

But this is my official post detailing what I’m going to do to make sure I become a healthier young woman with a healthier young body.

You can help me and support me by doing everything in your power to NOT FUCKING TELL ME TO NOT GO THROUGH WITH THIS. I appreciate if you think my body is just fine, I do too! I love it so much omfg you don’t even know agsdhdkf

But this is for my overall health and tbh my main goal is just get rid of my widdle bitty gut and to become more healthy while keeping my favorite parts about me(which is pretty much everything jfc this is gonna be hard).


  1. wayward-pun said: You’re adorable, I wish I was that fit in high school. Eat healthier! You’ll feel amazing! High fructose is fucking terrible for you. I changed my diet in high school and learned how to cook and now if I eat junk food for a day I feel like I’m dying.
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  3. castielcastle said: YOU GO GIRL <3
  4. sconesandtexting said: Best of luck, lovely~! You can do it!
  5. freelancer-lina said: Do you mind if I do the same? I mean, I’ll mention that you did this first and all that, but having something like this /on the internet/ for everyone to see might be the thing that finally motivates me enough to do it.
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