Why is "Carry on my wayward son" such an important song? sorry for the dumb question im new here.

d’awh don’t say it’s a dumb question bby you’re new it’s fine <3333

Carry On Waywayd Son is the most used song for “The Road So Far” during season recaps and it makes us all cry bc it fits them so well and then you cry and your tears are the burning pain of Dean and Sam’s perpetual martyrdom all for the sake of living the lie that is “it’ll be over after this one last thing” and the unappreciative world that takes them too often for granted and i just


  1. letsdothenerdy said: And cause it’s an amazing song. Don’t forget that!
  2. hauntedtamagotchi said: that and some of the lyrics are so contradictory to the show. “there’ll be peace when you are done” for one, and our boys are never truly going to be done.
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