so i met this guy on okc and he seemed really nice. we met up and he took me out for mexican food which was also nice. at one point he insisted that it is a given that men pay for dates because “that’s just how the world works babe” and i was put off, but our conversation was nice so i tried to work past the glaring indiscretion. he mentioned his ex more than twice so i decided to be rude and mention literally every boyfriend i’d had since middle school. he seemed absolutely unchanged.

he had more than once offered to hang out at his place and to watch dvds and set up a tumblr for him, which also put me off because dude we’ve been on one date calm down.

i felt uncomfortable on the ride home so i didn’t want to tell him where i live, and i decided to get him to drop me off at the house of a police officer acquaintance, under the guise that i’m staying at a friend’s house tonight. i called my mother and she came to pick me up and proceeded to tell me how worried she felt (i hadn’t told her i was going out somewhere with a relative stranger until she asked why i was at her friend’s house)

i got home and messaged Brian that i’d had a fun time, but that my mom was too worried for me to be going anywhere any time soon. he suggested that he should meet my mother. i refused.

the next day he kept insisting that he “had a really good feeling about me” and that he just “wanted to take every possible chance” whatever that means. he asked for my skype and i said that i don’t give it out. (which is actually true this time, i barely use it anyways)

i got an ask about half an hour before typing up this post saying “do you know someone named Brian **** he’s harassing me on skype saying i’m you please help.” I was very upset (and am still very very sorry) that someone would harass somebody thinking they were me. (one billion apologies til the end of time, friend)

i asked him what the deal was and he  b l o c k e d  m e  over it. He committed stalking behavior, refused to honor my denial of consent, and harassed someone thinking they were me, and he called it interest.

Brian, you’re a jerk. But now, you’re a publicly-shamed jerk.

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